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The mission of Patent Forensic Center consists in providing services of patent forensic investigations, preparing expert testimony in courts, another business activities, including foreign economic activity.

The Center is capable of having civil rights and bearing civic duties, necessary for performing any business activity which is not prohibited by the federal law.

The Center provides such services as:

1. Preparing just and scientifically based forensic testimony by order of the courts and official bodies in the framework of penal, civil and arbitration proceedings, administrative offence cases with respect to all aspects of Intellectual Property legal protection, acquisition, use and infringements;
2. Patent expert analysis and investigations to be conducted for clients (legal entities and individuals) on a contractual basis;
3. Scientific researches devoted to theoretical and methodological issues of forensic examination, development and improvement of expert investigations methodology, involving also the use of information technologies;
4. Patent information and marketing researches, development and ensuring legal protection of Industrial Property, including inventions, utility models, industrial design, trademarks, service marks, appellations of origin with the national, foreign and international patent offices;
5. Enforcement of “allied“ Intellectual Property, such as know-how, software and databases, semiconductor topologies, copyright for scientific, literary and artistic works, technologies, projects, etc.;
6. Ensuring legal protection and enforcement of trade secrets in all areas of intellectual activities;
7. Elaboration and realization of patent and licensing policies in the field of Industrial Property, legal support of Intellectual Property commercialization;
8. Representing authors, patent holders, licensors and licensees in courts, arbitration institutions and administrative bodies, enforcement of their legally guaranteed rights and legitimate interests with regard to the creation and use of Intellectual Property;
9. Assignments, transfers and licensing of Intellectual Property in the national and international markets, including services in the area of marketing, competitiveness evaluation, freedom-to-operate and due diligence analysis, advertisement, business partners searching and reliability check-ups, technical and economic assessment, development and promotion of projects, participation in realization of projects, contract administration, enforcement of rights and interests against breaching;
10.  Patent, patent technological, technical and economic analysis and appraisal of Intellectual and private property;
11. Handling unfair competition cases;
12.  Providing legal advice and performing researches of national and international law enforcement practice (Intellectual Property law, civil, commercial and financial law);
13.  Legal protection of client’s rights and legitimate interests in the courts of general jurisdiction, commercial (“arbitrazh») and arbitration courts in cases involving Industrial Property and other Intellectual Property issues, innovations, business and foreign economic ties;
14. Representing clients in public, judicial and other institutions and organizations in connection with activities in the area of Intellectual Property, innovations, business and foreign economic relations;
15. Elaboration on its own initiative and/or upon demands (orders) of governmental or non-governmental organizations of proposals aimed at IP law and law practice improvement;
16.  Development on its own initiative or on principles of parity, of databases containing information on demands and proposals of local and foreign holders or potential licensees of Intellectual Property; promotion of business contacts between interested investors and rendering services to clients in connection with potentially attractive Intellectual Property subject-matter;
17.  Development on its own initiative or on principles of parity with governmental or non-governmental organizations of databases containing information on the law practice in the field of Intellectual Property;
18. Providing advice and services related to the establishment of joint ventures based on the contribution of Intellectual Property rights to the charter capital;
19. Providing advice and services related to evaluation and legal assessment of contributions to the charter capital in the form of Intellectual Property rights;
20. Providing advice and services to national organizations and foreign partners;
21. Promotion of studies and training of the Russian, Eurasian and foreign patent attorneys and other Intellectual Property experts, in Russia and abroad;
22. Organizing seminars and conferences on Intellectual Property matters and law practice in this area;
23. Performing other business activity which is not prohibited by the Russian federal law, accomplishment of other works and rendering services that are not banned and do not violate the effective law of the Russian Federation.

Patent Forensic Center is capable of performing some particular business activities having a special permission (license) only. The list of such activities is provided by the federal law. If the conditions of issuance of a special permission (license) stipulate that the respective activities should be performed on the exclusivity basis, then Patent Forensic Center is entitled to perform only the activities which are provided for in the special permission (license) and activities related thereto.

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